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breakfast casserole

Egg Cheddar Sourdough Breakfast Casserole

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Beef Sesame Stir-Fry With Angel Hair Pasta

[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:10] Don't know how to stir-fry? Watch the video: httpv:// … [Read More...]

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promotion via emails

Email Campaigns For Restaurants

Powerful Email Promotions Email campaigns are the most resourceful ways one can employ to advertise these days. Marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email is very effective for any restaurant when it comes to build a connection with customers. Sending emails is fast, super easy and helps in keeping your restaurant up […]

extravagant diner

Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Active and Passive Restaurant Marketing If you have recently started a new business establishment serving food and drinks and not getting the kind of response you had expected, it is time that you review your efforts. The reasons may be many. But, did you focus on incorporating some premium marketing ideas to the already existing […]

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Joke: Restaurant on the Moon

Restaurant On The Moon

Restaurant on the Moon? Hmm... Will they have have valet parking? :-)If that's not funny enough then see what a guy wore when he entered a … [Read More...]

Cornflakes Joke

Dead Guy, Cornflakes And Police

* John, did you hear about the guy they found dead with his head in his cornflakes? * Yeah! The police thought it was a cereal killer....   … [Read More...]

Salt shaker prank

Funny Restaurant Prank

A simple prank that works everywhere (restaurant or at home). It can surely drive someone crazy! :-) can use this prank in any chain restaurant or even at … [Read More...]

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