Apps For Restaurants

Restaurant Marketing With Mobile Apps

Mobile app for restaurants

Mobile app for restaurants

App development is hotter then ever. These days everybody seems to be looking to come up with different strategies to market their products and services. This is 100% valid in the restaurant industry as well. Restaurants need to keep their customers continuously active in order to visit their facilities and ultimately those to order when there.

Before we further adventure into the pros and cons of developing, publishing and using apps let’s see what exactly apps are!

An app is nothing more than an application software that has been developed for a very specific purpose. Generally speaking apps come in two forms: desktop and mobile versions and they use the “muscles” of diverse computing platforms to achieve the desired outcome they were developed for.

Smartphone user with restaurant mobile app deployed

Mobile app user locating a restaurant

We live in a society where everything tends to become mobilized, and Smartphones play a huge role in the whole process. As such, mobile app development (application software packages developed for mobile devices) and the struggle for digital distribution over the mobile Web becomes hotter by the day.

2008 marks the point of time when the interest over time (trend for mobile app development) has become prominent.

Let’s look into the Pros and Cons of mobile apps!


  • Mobile apps installed on customers’ Smartphones
  • Always accessible
  • Can take advantage of GPS capabilities
  • Facilitate instant push message to Smartphones owners (think about coupons or special messages)


  • Mobile apps have to be developed differently for every single type of phone based on its operating system
  • Expensive to develop
  • Difficult to find them unless the owner/developer advertises it
  • Since Smartphone technology changes at rapid pace, all related apps need constant updates

Mobile Apps For Restaurant Marketing

Watch the video the get a clear picture on the subject matter:

So, let’s recap!

  • Smartphone apps provide a whole new World for restaurant promotional opportunities
  • Customers can make restaurant reservations pretty conveniently
  • Real-time picture of accommodation availability
  • Easy communication between mobile restaurant apps and related content management systems
  • Mobile apps are very effective tools for bars and restaurant due to the fact that they tend to attract more customers

Are mobile apps good for your own specific marketing needs?

Well, the restaurant industry is a market where mobile app developers can have everlasting ideas, and as such, the choice is entirely up to you.

Up until then, please feel free to browse our Winnipeg-based fully mobilized restaurant marketing directory!

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