Apps vs Mobile Websites In The Restaurant Industry

What Is The Real Contrast Between Mobile Websites And Mobile Apps?

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Mobile websites and apps can surely give the impression that they are alike, but actually they are completely distinctive. So, which one is better? Well, the one that best goes well with your eating place’s needs. These aspects incorporate components like  the structure of your target audience, accessible funds and non-monetary resources,  what’s your strategy of using them and ultimately what features the restaurant online presence needs.

One might consider acquiring both of them. Actually its not an awful though… On the other hand, in case the funds are low then one should stick with the version that offers the best exposure for the restaurant. Of course, the more mobile publicity you have, the better!

According to general perception, mobile websites are just ordinary sites that have been updated and optimized for mobile application. Display and functionality-wise mobile apps and websites are totally alike.

Here’s an example: a catering restaurant with online ordering capabilities, might have similar functionalities for the regular, desktop version of their website compared to the modest adaptation of the same domain now called mobile website or mobile app.

Mobile app in the hospitality industry

App technology

As a result, mobile restaurant websites and apps have  exceptional bandwidth-saving capabilities, supplying portable device users a delight when it comes to mobile data caps. Images are used sparingly, limited to depicting basic menus and staying away detailed meal descriptions. The main objective of mobile websites is to supply basic functionality for the user in question keeping in mind mobile browsing restrictions.

Deeper restrictions apply for mobile apps in case a restaurant had one of those. Why? Because apps tend to be expensive to develop and operate due to constant changes in SmartPhone technology, distribution platforms and operating systems. This inconvenience does not apply to mobilized websites though.

Apps are not projected to replacements for any mobilized website for the pure fact that the outcome is  mutually diverse.


Are you a restaurant owner or manager? You should really embrace mobile technology because undeniably it is quickly becoming a fundamental part of our everyday life.

The choice is yours. Decide on what you need: mobile website, app or both and rip the benefits of those.

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  1. Pascal Fluet says:

    Great depiction of differences between mobile apps and mobile sites. I have to add to the above that a mobile website is specifically designed to present a communication channel to a much larger audience than a mobile app. Apps tend to be heavier in nature than their mobile friendly counterparts and they satisfy only a small portion of the targeted audience: people who downloaded that specific app. I support mobile websites.

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