Asian Cuisine In Winnipeg Presents: Korean Cooking

Korean Delicacies Part of Fine Asian Cuisine

According to Koreans their mealtime is defined as one of the most essential social occasion of the day. As such, they take great satisfaction in preparing their culinary dishes.  Korean cuisine separates itself significantly from all other Asian gastronomy because of the number of dishes prepared and served at every mealtime.

Outsiders are always surprised when finding out that most Korean households don’t have ovens.  Strange, huh? Korean dishes are mainly cooked in pots on top of the range… At this point one might ask: Are there more differences between different types of Asian cuisine?

The Dissimilarity Is Substantial

In North America and Europe, most of us are used to consuming an appetizer followed by the primary meal known as the main course of the day. In case there’s still room for more then we eat a dessert. Koreans have numerous dishes prepared for every meal.  Their dishes consist of soups, greens, rice, seafood and meat. Interesting to mention that seafood and meat are consumed in quite large quantities, and these may possibly make up one full meal.

Korean meals, including meat and seafood are chopped up into tiny pieces – making the food to be handled quite easily with chopsticks. Chopsticks are continuously used. At breakfast, lunch and dinnertime, every dish is placed on the table in advance. Every single mealtime participant can choose what he or she needs or craves for.

Important Korean Food Elements

Kimchi - a common Korean food

Kimchi: a common Korean food

One cannot imagine Korean food without rice! This is valid for most nations in Asian cuisine sphere. Rice is a particularly essential ingredient in Korean delicacies. The same applies to seafood as well.

A Korean favourite is Kimchi – a conventional dish that can be found is at nearly every breakfast, lunch or dinnertime. What is Kimchi is made up of? Well, it contains cabbage and a big number of other vegetables.  Kimchi sometimes ends up being processed into a very delicious spicy spread.

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Spicy foodstuff is very much-loved by all Koreans.  Delicacies are overloaded with spices and seasonings like chili pepper, garlic, sesame oil and the indispensable soy sauce.  Do you fancy vegetarian diet? Well, in this you’re quite lucky because dishes from this ethnic group are perfect for a vegetarian food regimen!

Simple Korean Recipes Are Meant For Gradual Cooking

One might think that he or she has to be very skilled; has to be able to put together a tasty meal that is specific to this East Asian country. Contrary to these believes this kind of meal doesn’t take up quite a lot of your time or energy.  The only few factors one should keep in mind is using a specific recipe and ingredients and of course a slow cooker…

Sluggishly cooked highly spiced beef, pork or chicken are standard to specific to this East Asian country’s cuisine.  All you have to do is prepare a pot of rice and your meal is ready to consume.  Break down these recipes and you can realize that using basic ingredients and a slow cooker one can produce a very delicious dish.

It’s quite easy to realize the reasons behind the reality: ovens in most Korean homes are missing. Their dishes are cooked on range top!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our study on Korean gastronomy. You might find it attention-grabbing since you are immersing yourself in a special culture’s lifestyle.

Give Asian cuisine a try.  Korean cooking may just surprise you!

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