Designing A Great Restaurant Menu

Creative Restaurant Menu Designs

Did you know that a great menu design could be a very authoritative advertising piece when it comes to restaurant marketing? That’s true! A well planned set of food and drinks choices has a positive effect on every single customer: they act as appetite stimulants…

Restaurant Menu -

Eatery Menu

Many restaurants fall into the category of having a poor design. What can a restaurant do in such case? Well, use a template.

Restaurant Menu Templates

There are free patterns for one to follow, pintables in PowerPoint, Word or PSD formats. The interested party can plug in his/her text-based info and add a few striking pictures of food items, drinks and of course illustrations of the restaurant’s ambiance. Did you know that people are far more responsive to pictures than text?

The choice of fonts play a decisive role in the design’s outcome: the restaurant menu itself. Many fall for using extravagant and ornamental fonts. Bad choice. Readability has to be in the main focus of the designer.

Restaurant Menu Covers

This is the point where one should be really creative. The reason behind it is that the cover itself acts as a first impression. Making an remarkable first impression is a very thoughtful marketing process in the hospitality industry, and as such one should never settle for cheap cover creations.

A fantastic cover image can be achieved by combining two contrasting substances: textile, plastic or metallic substances or even leather, however the later can be quite costly.

Don’t forget name of the restaurant and its logo! These can be embossed or debossed – it is up to the ¬†designer and ultimately the accepting party: the restaurant.

Menus are crucial in running a successful restaurant!

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