Delicacies Of India In Local Winnipeg Restaurants

First of all let’s get to the bottom of the situation: When one thinks of Indian food he or she immediately imagines curry and vegetarian foodstuff.  We should not forget that Indian cuisine has sophisticated over time (just like anything else) similar to other cuisines from all over the World.

So, what do you say about a short culinary trip over the Internet – tracing down a few ideas about what the delicacies of India are like?

Indian Meals Are All About Spices

You possibly can’t discuss or even mention Indian meals without mentioning spices. A huge number of individuals simply won’t take into account eating over-spiced food items due to the fact that in their minds they are firmly convinced that they can not handle the hot spices. However, there’s always something extra to the Indian cuisine, and it’s not about tongue burning foods…  What is that? Well, the appropriate mix of spices supplying fine balance between hot and sweet.

indian-spices in jars

Indian spices

In every part of the World people used in their dishes whatever was available at local level. In our case the Indian population used spices: turmeric , cloves, chili peppers, cardamom, mustard seed, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, ginger, etc.

The most widespread spice is curry, and it can be found in nearly every single Indian kitchen. Just a small heads up here! This is definitely not a spice – it is a mixture of many spices.  The other well know spice mixture is called Garam Masala – a mix of brown and green cardamom pods, cinnamon, black and white peppercorns, cumin seeds  and cloves.

Garam Masala comes in a granulated form. Many people think that Garam Masala is nothing else but curry, but they are wrong. Follow the link to get an idea on this: Curry Powder vs. Garam Masala: What’s the Difference?


Curry in granulated form

The above mentioned spice mixtures (blends) have a broad assortment of flavours, and they might hit one’s taste buds in diverse ways.

So, why not try some rich flavoured Indian food today?

For sure it will be a wonderful experience – a very tasty one we might add!

Local Winnipeg Restaurants Serve Well-known Indian Dishes

Here’s a place where one can one find fine Indian Restaurants In Winnipeg (just click on the previous link). Many of us who discover the Indian cuisine at first are puzzled by what they notice: there’s no beef or pork in their menus due to the fact that Hindus don’t consume beef and Muslims don’t eat pork. The majority of the population are vegetarians.

The spices can do wonders on any recipe!  Indian cooking methods create splendid, mouth-watering dishes.  Have you tried the Tandoori Chicken? It’s a juicy and tender rooster dish – it is something you don’t want to miss. Well, not exactly a vegetarian dish though.  Another dish is the Kheer – cinnamon sprinkled kind of rice pudding. Yummy!

We all want to experience new tastes, and fill our kitchens with diverse aromas.  Indian cooking is the right method to savour so many spices and flavours  – all at the time!  However, if one does not know how to cook these fine ethnic dishes, then that person has no choice but visit a local restaurant serving such delicacies.

Support local dining and enjoy the great world of Indian cuisine!

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