Winnipeg Has A New Mobile Friendly Restaurant Directory

Yes, we are pleased to announce the opening of our Winnipeg-based restaurant directory: The main questions are: Why another directory? Don’t we have enough of them?  What new do you offer?

Alright, here are the answers many have waited for!Best Restaurant in Winnipeg

As the press release stated: our directory is not just “another one of those”… is a one-stop-solution for restaurant owners to participate in the fresh, newly developed trend: the mobile marketplace.

As of right now very few restaurants have taken advantage of the newly developed movement.  Let’s just don’t forget that mobile technology is everywhere. People’s mobile phones are at maximum of 5 feet away at all times. Hard to believe? Well, guess what: it is true.

Also true is the statement that many individuals have their cellphones under the pillow while they sleep. The other shocking truth is that over 90 percent of SmartPhone users check their devices in the first five minutes after waking up in the morning. Interesting? You bet it is!

Is the hospitality industry in Winnipeg alert of the situation depicted above? Are the participating small businesses, restaurants, etc. taking advantage of the situation? The simple answer is: NO!

Please read our press release from 02/05/2013:

Restaurant in Winnipeg Local Directory Has Been Launched – SBWire (press release)

Announcing the launch of the Restaurant In Winnipeg local directory. It is a business information bank dedicated to providing detailed information about restaurants in Winnipeg, MB.

Levente Szfarli (owner of the directory) stated: “I’m happy to launch my brand new Restaurant In Winnipeg business directory, and I’m firmly convinced that it will supply useful information to the increased number of mobile consumers and standard web-users as well. I’ve given …and more »

So the answer to the question whether we have enough number of restaurant directories or not is: there are many but none of them is the right one!

What new do we offer? Wait and see. Please come back in the next few days to get convinced. In the meantime visit our Facebook fanpage, and become our supporter by liking it: We Love Winnipeg Restaurants. How about you?

If you are a restaurant owner in Winnipeg, then please consider signing up to our very reasonably priced services.

In case you are a consumer looking for some appetizing food in your neighbourhood, then please feel free to browse our growing directory! You might find the restaurant in Winnipeg serving  food and drinks of your choice…


  1. Dudley says:

    Thanks a lot…. something new is always welcome.

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