Social Media And Restaurant Marketing

Examination Of Social Media And Marketing In The Restaurant Industry

We all know that Social media has invaded everything, and actually it has developed into the supporting column of every single marketing effort. Actually restaurants were between the first small businesses that tried to use Social Media to enhance their online presence and bring in the well needed customers through the new marketing channel.

Social Media In Restaurant Marketing Word Visualization

The above is all good and shiny, however still the majority of restaurant owners and managers have no idea how they could utilize the new but still developing marketing channel in their favour.

So, which are the main Social Media platforms small businesses (restaurants included) can employ?

Well, here are a few (the sequence should be crafted according to business needs though) :

  • Facebook – business pages (a.k.a Fan Pages), apps and paid ads.
  • Twitter – 140 characters long messages and paid ads.
  • Google Plus – this is probably the major platform one should concentrate his/her small biz marketing efforts due to the fact that G+ in the stage of consolidating all Google platforms into on single conglomerate of marketing stage.
  • Youtube – videos of all kinds: professional and amateur tied with paid advertising services.
  • Pinterest – foodstuff and other products and services in picture format.

Simple Restaurant Marketing Plan Employing Social Media


Are You a Creepy Stalker or a Crafty Local Marketer?

* Define a target customer for your business. If you’re a fancy restaurant that serves really good salads, this might be women that make over $75K and are between 40 and 55 years old.

* Target these people–and their friends–with social media ads, posts, etc.

And now watch the video presentation revealing high powered techniques one can easily use in his/her restaurant marketing efforts:


The video presents a high calibre approach to acquiring and retaining Social Media customers coming from Facebook. You can find it at the 06:31 mark, and it introduces the so called “Landing Page” in form of a Facebook app.
Another strategy is the 75/25 rule: 75% of the time one engages into social activities and only 25% of the time promotes his/her small business (in our case a restaurant or bar).
In case you have missed those marketing ingredients then you can come back and do a refresher.
At this point we have to ask you:
Do you have a Social Media manager? What about a restaurant social media marketing plan?

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