Secrets To A Successful Restaurant Marketing Campaign

Are there secret ingredients to run a successful restaurant marketing campaign?

Good question! In our opinion there are secret ingredients in any promotional  campaign whether its restaurant industry related or not.

Restaurant marketing campaign ingredients

The best restaurant marketing campaigns are based on a SWOT analysis!

One marketing campaign might be better than the other one but rarely anybody reveals the exact blueprint. Why is that? Well, because if the cat is let out of the bag everybody knows where the cat is or better yet where it was. Simply put: you have disclosed your trick.One has to put in spotlight the fact that consumers not only come for the foodstuff served up in your restaurant but they also come for the experience.

Did you know that many restaurant owners believe that they are in the food business? It’s true but they are wrong at the same time! Supermarkets belong to the food business – restaurants to the experience business.   Read: Common Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make

So, what is this experience? It is nothing more that the show you produce while serving your clients, the way you act, ambiance and the circumstances associated with every single step involved.

Restaurant Marketing Campaign SWOT Analysis

Have you ever thought about building your restaurant marketing campaigns based on a SWOT analysis specifically compiled for your establishment? A  SWOT analysis is a well planned method mainly used to assess Strengths and  Weaknesses point, diverse Opportunities and of course Threats involved in running your restaurant.

Strength: well positioned establishment, price and intrinsic value of services, ground-breaking approach to keep consumers happy, etc.

Weakness: rivalry has powerful presence in neighbourhood,  untrained staff, wide of the mark provision choices served, pricing, being deficient in Web and Social Media Marketing, etc.

Opportunities: new opportunities arise when one has recognized, categorized,  understood and accepted probable weaknesses. It is as simple as that…

Threats: threats can come from many places and their impact varies. Identify promotional campaign dangers, risks or hazards and learn how to deal with them  by conducting a series of analyses first. Find out which risks are of utmost importance, document a response plan, and implement a line of action based on severity.

Long story short: in case you have found a way to overcome your competition then ride that wave. Remember: whatever your approach to the campaign is, just do it, and do it consistently!

If in doubt then probably it’s time to evaluate some project-enabled marketing services


  1. What exactly is a SWOT analysis? Can you be more specific?

    • Emily, SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats involved in project management. Since we are dealing with restaurant promotion the SWOT analysis is compiled specifically for restaurant marketing here.

  2. Good point Rachel but then how would one overcome competition?


  1. Rachel says:

    I’d favour industry experts telling me the reality, as an alternative to telling me something I want to hear!

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